LeakProof Panties

                Leakproof Panty - Hipster - Fear No Leaks


                Leakproof Panty - Thong - Goodbye Leaks


                Leakproof Panty - Bikini - Goodbye Leaks


                Leakproof Panty - Lace Thong - Goodbye Leaks


                Shero Leakproof Solutions

                Shero’s ultra-thin leakproof products fit just like a regular panty and are silky smooth on your skin. Now you can jump, laugh, and play to your heart’s content while feeling clean, dry, and confident!

                How It Works

                Our reliable, leak-proof protection comes through an exclusive bacteria-resistant shield that locks in odor and keeps moisture away from the skin. Our plant-infused fabrics include our signature blend of bamboo charcoal and coffee to deodorize and control moisture naturally. As a bonus, Shero panties are machine washable and can be re-worn time and time again.

                Shero Leakproof Menstrual Underwear/Period Panty for Menstruation, Incontinence, & Bladder Leaks with Odor Control

                [S] SUGGESTED USES: ideal for period/menstruation, incontinence and bladder leaks, pregnancy leaks/discharge, and first-time menstruation training.

                [H] HIGH-END FABRIC: made with the highest quality Fabrics on the market providing lasting and comfortable protection you can feel good about. Wear together with tampons or menstrual cups during those heavy days as an additional back-up to prevent stains from leaks.

                [E] ECO FRIENDLY: less toxic waste during manufacturing and uses natural materials allowing you to feel better not only from comfort but with a peace of mind. Good for you & Good for the environment.

                [R] RECLAIM CONFIDENCE: replace pantyliners, saves you money from buying endless disposable products, provides lasting leak-proof protection, reusable, & machine washable. Get through the day with confidently with our advanced fabric blend & keep worry away.

                [O] ODOR CONTROL: neutralize unwanted odor with a blend of bamboo charcoal, while wicking away moisture quickly to confidently provide that fresh feeling.

              • No Heat Tumble Dry
              • Hang to Dry
              • Made in Taiwan
              • Wash Immediately After Use
              • Frequent changes of panty Recommended