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                StayFresh Solutions

                Do you have sensitive, itchy, or inflamed skin? Shero’s StayFresh underwear and tees are designed just for you! You can finally pamper yourself with everyday protection and luxurious comfort.

                How It Works

                Our natural mineral solution prevents the formation of bacteria. It also calms irritation, accelerates wound healing, and reduces itchiness and inflammation. Powerful zinc oxide acts as a shield against harmful UVA and UVB radiation and its strong antibacterial properties help our underwear and tees stay fresh longer. Because the zinc is permanently embedded into the fiber, you can enjoy the same protection wash after wash.

                Shero Stayfresh Underwear/Panty designed for Sensitive Skin, Odor Control, Yeast Infections, Anti-Bacterial

                [S] SOOTHES SENSITIVE SKIN: helps prevent skin infections and is hypoallergenic, improves healing, reduces inflammation, and defends against yeast infections and irritation providing relief and confidence to get you through the day odor free and irritation free.

                [H] HIGHLY LUXOURIOUS: made with TENCEL™ Lyocell Fiber for superb breathability, gentle on skin, unfavorable for pathogens, low environmental impact & with soothing SMARTCEL™ Sensitive Fiber powered with Zinc transforms fabrics into luxury skincare products.

                [E] ECO FRIENDLY: less toxic waste during manufacturing and uses natural materials allowing you to feel better not only from comfort but with a peace of mind. Good for you & Good for the environment.

                [R] RELIABLE QUALITY: tested after 100 washes our fabrics retain 99% of the embedded Zinc providing therapeutic properties to reduce 98.1% to 99.9% of Candida Albicans to control unwanted odors, providing worry free confidence.

                [O] OH-SO STRETCHY: our fabric blend is designed to stretch & hug around your curves giving you a fitting comfortable feel.


                No Heat Tumble Dry, Hang to Dry, Made in Taiwan, Wash Immediately After Use, Frequent changes of panty Recommended