At Shero, our mission is to enhance the quality of life for women everywhere through innovative, functional, and comfortable apparel. We aim to provide practical and affordable solutions that cater to the unique challenges women face in their everyday lives. We are committed to pioneering advances in fabric technology, creating stylish and reliable life management garments that empower every woman to confidently embrace her day. As a women and minority-owned company, we strive to uphold inclusivity, empathy, and respect in all we do, aspiring to make every woman feel like the Shero she truly is.
Our Purpose
Shero USA, LLC is women and minority-owned. We empower women to live their lives with confidence and comfort. We believe in creating a world where everyday apparel is more than just clothing—it's a tool that enables women to overcome real-life challenges and enjoy a better quality of life. We strive to harness innovative fabric technology and thoughtful design to transform the landscape of women's apparel, making it more functional, comfortable, and accessible. Our ultimate aim is to uplift, inspire, and empower every woman to be her own Shero.
Shero USA stands at the forefront of textile innovation, bringing science and apparel together in harmony. Our ground-breaking fabric technology, developed through intensive research, is specifically designed to adapt to women's unique needs. But our commitment goes beyond just creating wearable clothes. We're pioneering a revolution in everyday apparel, transforming it into dynamic, life management solutions. Our garments are not just comfortable and stylish, but also responsive to the real-life challenges women face daily.
Shero Gives Back
As a minority and women-owned company, we have a passion for helping other women. Everything from the products we design to the causes we support has a common thread of supporting women. This includes women of all ages - and in all situations.

What Others Are Saying

These are great and have saved me from some bladder leakage embarrassment! Very pleased with them. They are also very comfortable!

Ruth Purvis

I loved these undies. They absorbed, they weren’t bulky, and they are true to size. I’m definitely buying more!!

Alexis D.

No leaks, no smell, and stayed in place great! Being able to swap them out without undressing was awesome!

Terri P.