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Technology Is Infused in Everything We Do

Leakproof Technology

Our reliable, leak-proof protection comes through an exclusive bacteria-resistant shield that locks in odor and keeps moisture away from the skin. Our plant-infused fabrics include our signature blend of bamboo charcoal and coffee to deodorize and control moisture naturally. We use carbonized Taiwan bamboo, recycled coffee grounds, and mixed non-nano grade carbonized particles into our synthetic fabric. The fabric can be washed with no adverse effect on its natural functions.




StayFresh Technology

We embed high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade 4 zinc oxide in our natural fabric. Thanks to zinc's unique capabilities, Shero Stay Fresh Undergarments are friendly to people with sensitive skin conditions. Zinc oxide can prevent the formation of bacteria from its strong antibacterial properties, especially against odor-causing bacteria. It can also calm irritation, accelerate wound healing, and reduce itchiness and inflammation.





Copper & Zinc Mask Technology

All Shero masks are infused with copper ions and zinc oxide for long-term effectiveness. Copper ions, which are known for their hygienic properties and have become a “must-have” during the COVID-19 pandemic, are cross woven with an interlocked design to create a stronger shield. Our 6-layer mask also features an infused layer of bamboo charcoal fabric for added filtration. We ensure that our masks are washable, reusable, breathable, and easily adjustable to enhance the overall comfort and encourage daily wear.


Copper Ion Infused Threads

Used in all our masks, Cross woven copper ion infused threads for a stronger shield and fluid resistance.

Zinc Oxide Filtration

A zinc oxide filtration layer is featured in all our masks for added proection and long-term effectiveness.

Bamboo Charcoal Fabric

Featured in our 6-layer mask. An infused layers of bamboo charcoal fabric for affed filtration.



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