Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads
Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads

Shero FreeFlo - Cheeky + 2Pads

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Experience a new wave of confidence with FreeFlo Period Panties from Shero. Our innovative period panties are designed to offer you complete peace of mind during your menstrual cycle. The unique layering system, featuring absorbent and leakproof fabric, captures and contains your menstrual flow, ensuring protection when you need it the most. Crafted for comfort, they perfectly mold to your body, providing a soft, snug fit that moves as you do. Beyond the practicality, FreeFlo panties are stylish and easy to care for, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional menstrual products. Embrace your day worry-free with FreeFlo Period Panties, where style, comfort, and reliability converge.



Seamlessly Beautiful

Go beyond the confines of traditional design with our Free Cut No Seams feature. Experience a smooth silhouette that offers unparalleled comfort and eliminates chafing, letting your skin breathe and allowing you to move with grace and freedom.

Always Fresh, Always Ready

Our unique replaceable pad design offers flexibility like never before. Stay fresh, clean, and confident throughout your day. Easily switch out pads as needed, ensuring optimal protection while being eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Embrace Every Curve

With our Comfort-Fit Waistband, we prioritize your comfort without compromising on style. This waistband adapts gracefully to your body's contours, offering gentle support without any tightness, ensuring you're at ease from dawn till dusk.


How do Reusable Pads work?

Our Reusable Pads feature the same Patented Leak-Proof Technology as our Period-Proof Underwear with an additional thin layer of waterproof material for extra protection.

Do the pads smell?

Nope! They have a layer of zinc oxide that helps manage bacteria growth and prevent smelly odors.

How much liquid do they hold?

Shero Reusable Pads have a super discreet absorbent pad that absorbs up to 12-20 tsp of blood, depending on which size you choose. Here’s the absorbency breakdown:
Regular: Holds up to 12 tsp of blood, which equals about 12 regular tampons or pads.*
Overnight: Holds up to 20 tsp of blood, which equals about 20 regular tampons or pads.* 
 *Calculation is based on industry norms. Regular tampons and pads typically hold 1 teaspoon (5ml) of blood.

Do I need to wear Reusable Pads with FreeFlo Underwear?

We designed our FreeFlo underwear to work with or without the replaceable pads.  If you are just starting your period or have daily incontenance issues, wearing these panties without the pad will be the perfect solution.

How often do I have to change it?

Every period is different but we recommend changing your Reusable Pad when it starts feeling wet. The heavier your cycle, the more often you’ll need to change the pad.

How do I secure the pad to my underwear?

We utilize a patent pending sticky fabric that feels soft against the skin but holds the replaceable pad in place throughout the day.  Just lay the pad in the panties and it sticks immediately.

How do I change my pad while I’m out?

Just pull the pad off the panties, roll it up and place it in the provided wet bag for easy storage while you are on-the-go. No need to take change your entire outfit just to change your period panties.

How do FreeFlo Period Panties work?

FreeFlo Period Panties have layers of absorbent and leakproof fabric to capture and contain menstrual flow. They offer protection and peace of mind, allowing you to go about your day worry-free.

Can I wear FreeFlo Period Panties alone during my period?

Absolutely! FreeFlo Period Panties are designed to provide protection on their own for light days or persistent incontinence issues.

How do I care for my FreeFlo Period Panties?

For longevity, rinse them in cold water after use, then machine wash and hang dry. Avoid using fabric softener or bleach, which can affect absorbency.

Are FreeFlo Period Panties comfortable to wear?

Definitely! Our panties are designed for comfort and fit, with soft, stretchy materials that move with your body.

What Others Are Saying

These are great and have saved me from some bladder leakage embarrassment! Very pleased with them. They are also very comfortable!

Ruth P.

I loved these undies. They absorbed, they weren’t bulky, and they are true to size. I’m definitely buying more!!

Alexis D.

No leaks, no smell, and stayed in place great! Being able to swap them out without undressing was awesome!

Terri P.